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Coaching for
Leadership Diploma

A new route to professional coach
accreditation in today’s workplaces




Coaching for
Leadership Diploma

A new route to professional coach
accreditation in today’s workplaces


Q5 95’s Coaching for Leadership Diploma is a new programme designed for leaders/managers, executive coaches, and HR/L&D professionals seeking a professional coaching accreditation.

     I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course experience. It made sense of many of my thought processes, helped me understand myself better, and fully equipped me to support others in our organisation.  Our facilitators were great teachers with humour and a vast knowledge of their profession. 

The programme is accredited with both the International Coach Federation and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, offering participants a choice of routes to individual coaching credentials.

Attending the Coaching for Leadership program was not only a great experience and a pleasure, but I also now feel well prepared and confident to start working with my first clients.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that the programme’s content is relevant in today’s digital workplaces and can adapt to different organisational cultures.

The practical models and techniques have already proved their effectiveness in a Big Four professional services firm, a global building materials manufacturer, a leading charity, technology business, and European consumer products business

I am still amazed how powerful the concepts covered in this training and the immediate practice of it have been in my daily work and life. It has proved to be so effective in all sorts of conversations - especially in the more challenging ones.  The course is simple, to the point, and provides exactly the background of neuroscinece, psychology, etc to acquire a sound, scientific foundation. For me, this was certainly among the best courses I have ever participated in. 

 Module 1 ‘Keep Right’ Conversations:

This stand-alone workshop draws on recent developments in brain science and other disciplines to help participants enhance the impact of coaching-style conversations with colleagues, direct reports, and clients.

Module 2 Breakthrough Cycle:

This equips participants to run a series of formal coaching sessions, and can be combined with Module 1 to provide a foundation in coaching. It includes a goal-setting process grounded in recent research into different motivational drivers.

Module 3 Leadership Coaching:

This places the coaching skills acquired firmly within the organisational context in which leaders/managers operate and focuses on leading self, leading others, and leading organisations. We broaden awareness of the need for robust objective data in coaching to ensure appropriate challenge.

Module 4 Coaching Ethics and Assessment:

This final Module provides participants with the opportunity to consider a range of potential ethical challenges. This is an interactive experience exploring case studies. The Module includes an assessment based on the ICF competency framework.

Course Leader:

The programmes are led by Richard Bentley, PCC, who first became a coach in 2000, and has wide experience of helping others develop coaching skills, both within organisations and on open programmes. Read Richard's bio here

Course Fees:

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