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About us

Bringing science, not myths, to leadership development.

At Q595 we partner with individual leaders and their organisations to create a challenging, rewarding, and relevant setting to develop distinctive leadership presence and impact.

We take an evidence-based approach, drawing from neuroscience and other disciplines, to ensure that our programmes are robust and effective.

What makes the difference, we believe, is:

  • The passion and ‘heart’ that our consultants and leadership catalysts bring to their relationship with each leader
  • The commitment to creating exceptional learning experiences
  • The innovative learning technologies – thought provoking, proven, and practical.

Our overarching aim is to be the leadership development resource organisations and leaders most enjoy working with.

Smarter Thinking – Better Results.

Our Focus

Challenging and empowering leaders to make a difference:


The ability to connect quickly and establish rapport with others:

  • Creating a positive impact at first meeting
  • Fast-tracking the development of strong working relationships
  • Confidently expanding personal networks
  • Creating high levels of engagement with colleagues and teams


The ability to influence and persuade:

  • Using storytelling to win over individuals and entire audiences
  • Making an impact with both your personality and your materials
  • Being quick on your feet and handling objections
  • Confidently being yourself


The ability to make a difference as a leader:

  • Transitioning from ‘manager’ to ‘leader’
  • Moving from good to extraordinary leadership
  • Discovering and owning your uniqueness
  • Managing both your own and your team’s energy and focus


The ability to make thing happen as a leader:

  • Helping others to succeed and grow
  • Handling clients and customers to achieve results
  • Speeding up projects and change with powerful tools
  • Sustaining resilience and focus through challenge and change


The ability to sustain resilience and focus

  • Understanding and managing energy levels
  • Boosting the brainpower of you and others
  • Managing stress
  • Improving your agility and resilience

Our Impact

Accelerating the growth and success of leaders and their organisations:

Every programme, every connection, every conversation we facilitate aims to motivate.  For without motivation, those we work with will not have the willingness to change.

Our focus is on outcomes. We challenge and empower individuals and teams to focus on what matters to achieve both personal and organisational growth.

The way we achieve this is by following a structured approach that recognises the key elements that need to be in place to deliver the desired outcomes.

Without a strong, motivating STIMULI little happens.  We work hard to help each and every leader discover the inner drivers that win their commitment to learning and GROWTH.

Most importantly, we provide a learning experience that enables INSIGHTS. For it is insights that create the energy and the breakthroughs to real change.

STING – a powerful enabler of personal growth.

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