Great facilitators are made, not born! Becoming one is not rocket-science - it is a journey of dedicated learning. The new TPN program (in German) will get you there!
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A Head Start on the Path to Extraordinary Think of the advantage to be gained by beginning some formal leadership development activity at an earlier age, rather than waiting for nearly a decade to begin.
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Dr. Jack Zenger, renowned author, lecturer and guest speaker, talks about whether leaders should build strengths or fix weaknesses. His insights are a unique take on how leaders in any organization can increase employee engagement, boost productivity and build bottom-line profitability through focusing on building their strengths.
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The good, the bad, and the ugly A clear perspective on what can be done to make a competency model not only more memorable, but also incredibly useful to an organization.
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Post on September 2, 2016 9:22 pm
"I firmly believe: if the large corporates could only instile a small portion of what start-ups bring to the table, they might be in a better place when it comes to employee engagement, change readiness, innovation and productivity."
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